Thursday, January 3, 2008

Governer Removal

What the VSS is
The VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) is a magnetic pickup device that measures the rotation of the output shaft on the transaxle (transmission) then sends an AC voltage signal back to the PCM (powertrain control module) to determine the vehicles speed.

What the VSS Mod does
The VSS mod is the act of putting a switch in-line with one of the wires coming off of the VSS sensor to interrupt the signal being sent to the PCM. Putting a switch inline with the sensor will cut the signal to the PCM, and your car will no longer be able to determine how fast it is going. This also eliminates the signal to your odometer.

Things to think about
There are some very important points that must be considered.

  • Safety
    The limiter is there for a reason. The stock suspension/tires/brakes are not designed to be safe at speeds above 108mph. Upgrading your rotors, pads, and suspension are necessary BEFORE doing this mod. Also, think real hard before going this fast because the consequesnces could be fatal. You could lose control in an instant and leave everyone you love in agony. You could also kill someone else and have the same effect on there loved ones. Just something to think about before doing this mod or using it.

  • The law
    Not only is speeding illegal, but it is dangerous to other people on the road. The VSS mod violates many other laws that can bite you in the rear later. One of them is the fact that turning on the VSS switch (cutting the signal to the PCM) will disable the odometer. You've just committed odometer fraud and it is now illegal to sell your car with "actual mileage" marked on the title. It can also land you a huge fine trying to sell the car like that, and instantly and significantly decreases the value of your car.

  • GM
    Not only will the VSS mod void any remaining GM warranty on your vehicle, you may not be eligible for recall repairs after performing this "mod."

How to do the mod
What you will need:
  • Wire cutters

  • 2 lengths of wire, around 8ft each (these will get cut smaller).

  • 1 toggle switch (Don't use a lighted one)

1. Locate your transmission

2. Locate a sensor with 2 purple wires coming out of it.

2a. On the manual transaxle, there will be 3 sensors. The VSS is the one mounted vertically directly next to one mounted horizontally on the rear left side of the transmission, looking down from the top.

3. Cut one of the purple wires. (It doesn't matter which one) Make sure to leave enough wire on the sensor side to work with.

4. Connect (with a butt connector) on of the lenths 8 ft wire to the sensor side of the purple wire.

5. Connect the other length of wire to the other length of 8 ft wire to the wire that you cut from the sensor.

6. Run these two wires through the firewall into the cabin of the vehicle through the rubber grommet around the steering column.

7. Find a suitable mounting location for the switch and mount the switch.
8. Connect the ends of the wires that you ran into the cabin to each side of the switch (doesn't matter which).

Now, when the switch is ON, the vss will be enabled, and your speedometer will work along with your odometer and speed limiter. When the switch is OFF, the vss will be disabled and your speedometer, odometer, and speed limiter will be disabled.

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