Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sunroof Installation

When deciding to put a sun roof in your car you must decide a number of things like size, type and most importuned are you going to fallow through if your sun roof leaks to fix it. If you have made that commitment then its off to pick up you sun roof.

Parts Needed

I just found my sunroof at the junk yard and paid $25 for it. You can do that or go to a glass shop and pick 1 up.
Tools Needed

  • jigsaw

  • dill and bit (to make starter hole for jigsaw)

  • tape measure


there are 3 types of roof you can get ( that I know of any way) A pop up type, A crank type or you can go all out and get a motorized type - nice but hard to install. I chose to go with a crank type. first COVER EVERYTHING those metal burrs get stuck in everywhere and man they hurt when you sit on them. Then measure again and again and again you cant measure too much remember when you start cutting you cant go back. I started cutting with a cut off wheel but that took forever and used the jig saw instead. to start, cut your hole too small and expand as you go. THIS STAGE IS IMPORTANT. when you feel you've got it right, install your tracks. weather strip, and mounts using Polly Urethane every where . This will form a good seal. When you have every thing installed replace your head liner. WITH OUT CUTTING IT YET. Take your glass off and cut your head liner from the top. Install your bits and parts. Then hit the road pop that sunroof open and enjoy the air.

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